YIPA is a youth managed and driven organisation aimed at representing, protecting and advancing the interests of all youth within the property industry in terms of ownership, management and social development.

YIPA also aims to increase the participation of Black, Coloured, Indian and Chinese (henceforth referred to as black) individuals in the South African property sector. The objectives of the organisation are based on the principles of transformation as the best methods for the increased participation of blacks at all levels within the sector.

The establishment of YIPA provides opportunities and a platform for youth from all fields who are interested in playing a more significant role in the property sector not only as employees but also as investors and entrepreneurs. 



To establish ourselves as the key vehicle which will ensure the accelerated access and participation of  all South African youth within the property sector.


To empower South African youth, through property, by providing them with opportunities to be active participants and beneficiaries of the property sector. 

YIPA LAUNCH - March 2017


  • Bridge the gap between youth and the property sector and facilitate the participation youth in the sector.

  • Create equal opportunity and access for all youth in property.

  • Provide a platform and forum to respond to legislation and issues of transformation.

  • Unite youth in property and create an active network of young black professionals to ensure their future success within the property sector.

  • Spread knowledge to Black and previously disadvantaged communities about degrees and other educational platforms in the property sector.

  • Provide scholarships and bursaries for previously disadvantaged individuals.


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